La Maldita Comedia

25 Jun, 2017 | Alex Walker

Photo: Sophie HoganCreating Comedy and Culture‘Comedy strengthens us, it stresses us, it helps us, because when we create material we are analysing ourselves,’ Yumi Roca tells me. Yet, as La Maldita C...


16 Apr, 2017 | Nick Somers


16 Apr, 2017 | Noemi Monu

Text: Sophie HoganOf all the things we feel in our lives, no pillow is as soft, no sun as warm on the skin as the touch of the person we love and who loves us back. It satisfies a hunger that no other...


28 Mar, 2017 | Nick Somers

Sometimes you need to look no further than the smiling faces of the people on the city’s streets to find the beauty of La Paz. And one of the great things about this place is that it has anything but...


28 Mar, 2017 | Marianthi Baklava

Photos: Marianthi BaklavaWomen meet to create theatrical art – and to empower themselves‘Get ready, you’re going to be backed against that wall once everyone gets here,’ Erika Andia warns me. Upon arr...


28 Mar, 2017 | Sophie Hogan

Photo: Sophie HoganCochabamba's Struggle to put Art Back on the MapThe dawn has bloomed just enough for a beautiful orange sky as I step off the bus. Walking through the streets, which are bathed in s...


28 Mar, 2017 | Alex Walker

Photos: William WroblewskiNew beginnings after the break-upThe adage, ‘It’s never too late to try new things’ is often one reserved for parkour pensioners or grandmothers getting to grips with what th...

Dark Skull

17 Feb, 2017 | Louise Lacourarie

Photos: Nick SomersA cinematic view of what lies beneath the mining communities of the altiplanoHuanuni is a small town in the altiplano, an hour’s drive from Oruro through the sparse, high-altitude c...

Humor with a purpose

29 Dec, 2016 | Eleanor Henderson

Photo: Iván Rodriguez PetkovicLas Mentes Ociosas and their brand of musical comedyThe Palacio de Comunicaciones in La Paz is not as imposing as a theatre can be. Imagine your high school auditorium wi...


21 Nov, 2016 | Valeria Salinas Maceda

Photos: Dario MonsterBreaking Images With A Fashion ShowThis year, fashion designer Galo Sanchez selected the mystical Lake Titicaca as the location for the fourth installment of the Iconoclasta Fashi...

Colours Among the Desolate Beauty of the Altiplano

24 Oct, 2016 | Alexis Galanis

Photo: Alexis GalanisCelebrated Artist Mamani Mamani’s Towering MuralsAs you drive through El Alto to zona Mercedario, the landscape becomes stark, and the hectic hubbub of La Ceja softens to silent d...


26 Sep, 2016 | Iván Rodriguez

Ayawasqa is the new line of fashion accessories from Amancaya Rivera, who works to bring forth the natural heritage of Bolivia through ancestral textiles and 71538188Photo...

La Paz, City of Lights

07 Dec, 2015 | Anna Bellettato


Haute Couture in the Andes

28 Oct, 2015 | Valeria Salinas Maceda

Creating the Chukuta Fashion DistrictFashion lovers flock to Paris and Milan every day, and most are sure not to miss a visit to Montaige Avenue and the Quadrilatero D’oro to see the boutiques on the...

Building the Houses of God

28 Oct, 2015 | Hazel Browne

It seems almost every corner of La Paz is home to a church. An interview with Gastón A. Gallardo, Dean of Architecture at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, opens my eyes to the history and design behin...