KIRSTY WALTER | From Trinity College Dublin

"I came to work for you for a month in 2012 and was made to feel so much a part of the family during that time. Encouraging us to get to the very bottom of our stories gave us the impetus to conduct interviews from which would emerge detailed articles. We delved into the lives of the people telling their stories. The instructions we received to, “write ourselves into the article” gave us insight into how a publication can be both professional and personal. The familiar and approachable style that greets the reader in every Bolivian Express issue is simply the surface of the production process, every aspect of which is bolstered by a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. I fell in love with the city in a way that only living under the guiding wings of Bolivian Express could make possible. My days were spent having Spanish lessons, meeting interviewees, attending football matches, or going to cultural events – the average tourist would never in a million years have known half of these things existed. All this allowed us (the interns) to produce thoroughly researched and culturally enriched journalistic pieces, as well as to develop eternal friendships with people from all over the world. I returned to La Paz a year after my first trip there. On my second trip, I was welcomed back with as much – if not more – enthusiasm as on the first occasion, made to feel part of the BX family once more. I still look forward to my next trip to La Paz… and the one after that… and who knows, maybe there will be another one still – I hope there will be. Thank you again for the experience of a lifetime."

ASIA HART-EASON | From Durham University

"My internship with Bolivian Express was absolutely one of the most exhilarating times of my life. From family dinners to hands-on journalistic experiences, I could not have asked for a better thing to participate in during my gap year. I miss La Paz and the BX team with all of my heart, and will always wish them well."

JOHN DOWNES | From Warwick University

"The very essence and genius of 'Bolivian Express' is that it not only enriches your journalistic ability but also that of your earthly temperament. With young, enthusiastic, welcoming, generous and funny leaders of the programme, who help you liaise with interview subjects whether you do or don't speak Spanish (in my case the latter), and give you a cultural understanding for reference, you have all the tools to go out and explore, create and generally mould yourself into whatever type of journalist you want to become. This is not least because you can choose what type of piece you want to write beforehand, without obligation or pressure. Despite becoming your close friends over the programme, making time to enjoy many social events with you, the experienced leaders are far from reticent in their appraisal, giving concise feedback on how you can improve the piece you're working on and future articles - which I particularly benefited from. I now work for the largest online news website and I would not be the journalist I am today without the experience and help I garnered from 'Bolivian Express.' I had an incredible three months on the programme and would love to meet up with the team again."

MAY WOODS | From University College London

"I spent two months with the bolivian express and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Always having been interested in journalism, I got the chance to write and research articles of my choice, learn spanish and have fantastic photography classes, all whilst living in a house with lots of other interns in la paz. Not only did it open my eyes to Bolivian culture and allow me to develop my writing skills, I also made the most fantastic friends and was extremely well looked after. I was immediately welcomed into the bx family and would recommend the programme to anybody!"

INSKE GROENEN | From University of Edinburgh

"I have been an intern at Bolivian Express for two months and it was a great experience! The Bolivian Express team is like a family. They were very welcoming and approachable. We often went for dinners and days out together with the whole team, which was great. In addition, the experience of working as a journalist in Bolivia has been valuable. The team gave me tips on how to conduct an effective interview and the kind of questions to ask. They were also dedicated to arranging interviews with interesting, important people. Especially, the process of editing an article has taught me a lot about writing an article. All in all, it was a unique, amazing opportunity to be a journalist in Bolivia for two months!"

MIRANDA SLADE | From University of Cambridge

"I spent 6 weeks on the Bolivian Express internship and I can confidently say it was the best experience of my life. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to become completely immersed in a culture that I would never otherwise have been exposed to. My journalistic skills were tested, and it was an invaluable lesson in the career I hope to pursue after leaving university. As a student I relished the opportunity to both travel and develop my CV at once. The entire BX team were wonderful, welcoming and inspiring. I picked up some Spanish while living in La Paz, and the experience of living in such an up and coming city and a culture so different to my own has changed the way I perceive my place in the world. I can’t stress enough how much I treasure my experiences with Bolivian Express, and I can’t wait to return to Bolivia one day."

SOPHIA VAHDATI | From University of Cambridge

"My experience as an intern with the BX team helped me greatly improve my Spanish, learn about Bolivian culture to a degree that it is almost impossible for backpackers to experience and also ignited my love for writing. The team were professional, helpful and made me feel as I was part of a family. I could not recommend this internship to people more, it throws you out of your comfort zone in the most rewarding and beneficial type of way. I am close friends with members of the team and the participants to this day and I enjoyed the programme so much I decided to take up a volunteer position the following year. The progress, increasing quality in terms of editing, production and design is incredible. It’s great to be back with my Bolivian family."

MARYAM PATWA | From King´s College Of London

"I applied to the Bolivian Express (BX) with no pre-conceptions and no expectations, but it was everything I had hoped for and more. Being at the BX is like being part of a family. The BX “headquarters” is akin to Monica’s flat in Friends; everybody has fun, takes care of each other and it is hard to imagine life without the people you meet there. The security the BX family provides means that you can confidently explore La Paz, its nightlife and all the other spectaculars of Bolivia and its culture. The programme itself offers an insight into the media industry in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. The worst part about my experience is I arrived home with a longing to go back that has never truly subsided."


"The Bolivian Express offers the opportunity to gain experience in journalism in an exciting and inspiring setting. The magazine allows individuals to pursue their personal interests and ideas, while guiding us in the techniques and production of our articles. The research and interview process definitely boosted my confidence in Spanish. Everyone is made to feel welcome and over the period of a month I made friends from all over the world who I believe will remain friends for life. It was undeniably an awarding, enjoyable and inspiring month, and an experience that I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to gain writing experience while embracing the culture of a beautiful and fascinating country."

FINN O'NEILL | From University College Maastricht

"I spent three months with Bolivian Express during my gap year and can safely say it was the best choice for my gap year and journalism development. I feel that the experience has benefited me hugely in my writing and also my confidence with working in a group. Having used the skills learnt during my time with BX I’ve been able to take charge of my University magazine - something I definitely wouldn’t have had the confidence or skills to do had it not been for my internship with BX. As well as the practical skills learnt; the atmosphere at BX is incredibly welcoming and the editors feel much more like friends than ‘bosses' which provides for a casual and enjoyable internship experience. I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to further their journalistic development alongside travelling or Spanish within a lovely team."

ROSE ACTON | From King´s College of London

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the Bolivian Express – it was an amazing opportunity to really get to know La Paz and Bolivia, in a way that is not possible if you are simply a traveller/ tourist. The magazine gave you the creative space to decide on the articles you wanted to write, whilst also being extremely supportive both with suggestions and the practicalities – they were always willing to help you arrange an interview/ translations etc (in general they had amazing connections in Bolivia). The team were so friendly and welcoming and really made us feel at home. I would always highly recommend Bolivian Express and I hope I get the opportunity to go back and visit soon."

ALICE AYLING | From Birmingham University

"My internship in La Paz with Bolivian Express was one of the best experiences of my life. In somewhere so unfamiliar and far from home I was made to feel welcome and safe by the brilliant BX team. I was provided with excellent support, both personally and professionally, whilst being given freedom to pursue what I wanted to creatively and explore the city and country as I wanted. It was an amazing opportunity to meet fascinating people from around the world, many of whom I am still in touch with over 2 years down the line, and I would recommend BX to anyone with a passion for writing and adventure."

ROSANNA BUTTERS | From University of St. Andrew´s

"Working at BX is one of the best experiences I've ever had, it's the ideal way to experience a fascinating country. There is an great balance of guidance on freedom for article writing, allowing you to learn about what really interests you. If you have an idea, BX are willing to help you with it but if you are stuck for contacts, ideas or need a translator they can help you out. The house is so welcoming and there is always something going on; we all have such great memories that when we meet up again we can reminisce for hours and I still feel part of that house even though I left two years ago! Of all the countries I have visited and work experience I've done, Bolivia and BX are still the experiences that I love to tell people about as I know that they won't regret it."

WASSIM CORNET | From Université Catholique de Louvaine

"My internship ended a little over a month ago and I had a stellar experience on the other side of the world. It was eye-opening and unbelievably enriching, in large part thanks to the team’s welcome and the great organization in La Paz."

LAETITIA GREVERS | From Germany King´s College of London

"My time in Bolivia was often very challenging, but above all an absolutely rewarding experience. It was hard to be in a whole new environment and to live closely with several people from all over the world. The BX team was helping everyone to reach an inner balance, they strengthened us emotionally in this new place. We needed this cluster to be self-assured in our journalistic activities. The kind of journalism we practised in Bolivia was investigative and very free. We could choose our topics and had the luxury to dedicate several weeks to a big reporting article. We were often allowed to travel Bolivia for our research and our interview skills increased strongly during our stay."

SENECA GARRISON | From United States University of Denver

"My time working with the Bolivian Express was nothing short of amazing. In my two months with the magazine, I learned a whole new way of life that is definitely unique to the Bx experience. I found inspiration left and right for my articles as I was exposed to the immense culture and vibrant people of Bolivia. While there, I also formed friendships with my fellow interns and Bolivians that have lasted to this day. In a nutshell, if I could go back and do it all again – no questions asked – I absolutely would!"

jim | From uoft

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