RELEASE DATE: 01 Feb, 2013

EDITORIAL BY Amaru Villanueva Rance

As a Valentine's treat, this month's issue is on love. We explore some of the best and worst places to go for a date in La Paz, as well as where to find love online, though the truth is that we only discover where not to find it. Out of luck, we turn to love charms to see whether magic can help us in the quest to find a partner.

But it's not all cheese and boxed chocolates. We also explore the love for football, as well as the passion for delicious flame-grilled sliced hearts (or anticuchos, as we call them around these parts). And with love still on the agenda, we look at how mutually-consented violence can be one of the purest expressions of passion in the Andes, if romantic passion exists at all among the Aymara.

Finally, for the sour-hearted among you, we explore divorce in Bolivia, talk to some private investigators specialising in infidelity, and wallow in a dose of Amartelo, the love sickness.


Amartelo - The Love Sickness

15 Feb, 2013 | Luciana Molina

Whether we’ve been heartbroken or experienced deep suffering at the loss of a loved one, most of us have been lovesick at some point in our lives. In the Andes we have a name for this malady: amartelo...

Tainted Love - Private Investigators in La Paz

15 Feb, 2013 | Frans Robyns

From the outside it seems like a perfectly happy marriage. The husband makes a good living; he can provide for his family everything they could possibly want. They have two happy and healthy children...

Amor Sin Pasion

15 Feb, 2013 | Dr. Tapia Bismarck Pinto

Aymara Conceptions of Love Love is a social construct created by the smallest social unit: the couple. It can be defined as a way of acknowledging the individuality of the other, of accepting and su...

Love in the Andes

15 Feb, 2013 | Caroline Risacher

Courtship and Marriage Rites in the Altiplano Within the Andean conception of life, getting married follows a higher purpose than simply finding a companion for life. The idea of dating for weeks...

Blind Love

15 Feb, 2013 | Selene Pinto

"When the sun shines, he comes close to me and he can see the sparkle in my eyes', says Fernanda while embracing Franklin. They are both gradually losing their sight and are almost completely blind. H...

Getting to the Heart of It

15 Feb, 2013 | Hayden Aldredge

Anticuchos, The True Heart of La Paz It was late one evening, possibly early in the morning, and I had one single mission: to find some sustenance in order to make bearable the walk to our next d...

Where is the Love?

15 Feb, 2013 | Hayden Aldredge

Hayden Aldredge's guide on where to date in La Paz Last week, I got a girl’s number. I waited three days (the requisite amount of time, at least where I’m from) before texting her, asking if s...

How to Love Life Itself

15 Feb, 2013 | Martin Diaz Meave

Football: A Game of Hearts I don’t remember his name, but he spoke with an emotion and a glint in his eyes that I didn’t see very often: this exchange student from Thailand, barely 17 years old,...

Unlove - When Love Has Lost Its LLajwa

15 Feb, 2013 | Frans Robyns

With Valentines Day around the corner, couples frolicking together in carnivalesque frenzy, hearts on sale at every street corner and love charms for sale to make your passionate crush fall in love...


15 Feb, 2013 | Hayden Aldredge

In his quest to find love in La Paz, Hayden Aldredge discovers how love charms, amulets, and the occasional spell are just a part of the normal search for passion in Bolivia. Photo by Alejandro L...

Virtual Love in the Altiplano

15 Feb, 2013 | Hayden Aldredge

It is 2013, and according to the New York Times over 80% of single Americans have tried online dating. Hayden Aldredge joined six websites, some more popular than others, to see if this craze has caug...