RELEASE DATE: 01 Dec, 2010


If you were to look at La Paz on Google Street View you might be able to see the red roofs of the Laderas or the tower blocks of Sopocachi in this month’s ‘Constructions of La Paz’ article. Or follow the narrow streets and winding traffic you’ll read about in our ‘La Paz Guide’. But perhaps you wouldn’t get a good view of the cholitas or lustrabotas that you’ll meet inside these pages. And you certainly wouldn’t get an impression of the sights and sounds and smells that we will introduce you to as we map this wonderful city and take you on a tour of all its idiosyncrasies. We’ll show you how to make the most of the transport system (User’s Guide), where to eat everything from posh meals out (‘Glam’ review) down to empanadas on the street. And we can see how being in Bolivia maps itself onto the artists that live here and affects their work. Come with us as we zoom in on La Paz to give you much more than just a bird’s eye view.


Moving mountains

14 Jul, 2011 | Jack Brooker

Four Bolivianos can go a long way in La Paz. An avocado, a DVD, or even as, I have been reliably informed, a new white board pen can be bought for the equivalent of around 40 English pence. However, p...

Soundcheck La Paz

14 Jul, 2011 | Mads Ryle

“The problem is not money, the problem is culture” I have to admit that I was surprised to arrive in La Paz from London and discover bands making music inspired by LCD Soundsystem, whose 2009 album...

Stefan Johansson

14 Jul, 2011 | Andrew Cummings

Stefan Johansson was born in Sweden, and before coming to La Paz he lived in New York with his wife and child. He’s an artist-cum-illustrator, and is currently working on an illustration book on the A...

A user’s guide to getting around in La Paz

14 Jul, 2011 | Steven Nathe

Every big-city transportation system has its quirks and La Paz is no exception. This guide is intended for the visitor or short-term resident who wants a leg up before subiendo one of the many options...

Around and about in La Paz

14 Jul, 2011 | Sarah Lund

Follow Sarah Lund on a free ramble through the sights, sounds, smells and surprises of the Bolivian capital. The city of La Paz climbs up the surrounding mountainsides and you’ll have to climb yours...

The ‘constructions’ of La Paz

14 Jul, 2011 | Sarah Lund

Arriving in Bolivia by plane, I was amazed by the view of the capital: a landscape of small, red, square houses slotted in together like puzzle-pieces. Their shining roofs mirrored the sun on the east...

In my country

14 Jul, 2011 | Jack Kinsella

An Interview with Ricardo Catro Pena, a Bolivian Tour guide since 1993. Ricardo has been a freelance tour guide for his entire adult life and has recently set up his own tour company “Imperial Bolivia...

Invisible heroes

14 Jul, 2011 | Joseph Art

A country becomes what it is today because of its people. All countries are built by men and women who struggled for and believed in their land. Bolivia is no exception. In school we are taught about...