Invisible heroes

14 Jul, 2011 | Joseph Art

Social issues

A country becomes what it is today because of its people. All countries are built by men and women who struggled for and believed in their land. Bolivia is no exception. In school we are taught about the important people in our history — and monu­ments have been built in memory of these heroes.

Nevertheless every day of our lives we walk through our streets and pass by these monuments, never remembering who they are or what they achieved. These people have become invisible heroes.

Among the crowded streets and crazy traffic of this city, amidst people hurrying to and fro, these heroes will remain in their place of memory. Hoping that we will remember them, and perhaps become inspired by the things they have done.

What would a city be without heroes? From war, politics, arts and sports Bolivia possesses people who can inspire, who can teach through their actions, and speak to us from the distance of history and beyond, showing us through their achievements that we, too, can do the same or even more.


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