RELEASE DATE: 01 Oct, 2010


Experiencing La Paz is to encounter the pandemonium and chaos of its traffic. However messy it may seem, some tacit laws do regulate it, principally: ‘follow the flow’, a rule which applies not only to the traffic but to life in general: metal music, swimming or comics, whichever might be your passion. Nevertheless, to survive financially all these artists and sportsmen are still obliged to follow a less glamorous occupation, whether that is studying or having a ‘normal’ job to pay the bills. So here we are with our fourth issue, bursting with La Paz's buzzing, traffic filled ambience. This issue's diverse collection of articles represents to us what the city is all about: an eclectic hub that arouses both locals' and foreigners’ enthusiasm, and where people live, not necessarily from their passion, but for it. Get on board and experience living La Paz.


Painting The Town Mas: Street art and political propaganda on paceño streets

16 Nov, 2010 | Jack Brooker and Sarah Ludd

As has been discussed in previous Bolivian Express issues, the city of La Paz is not short on artistic creativity and expression. This can be witnessed first hand all over the city: every...


16 Nov, 2010 | Erick Trillo

Something that may slap you in the face when you arrive in La Paz is the seemingly impossible combination of western modernity and its various local antidotes. In a society where half the...

Talking Heat at the Top

16 Nov, 2010 | Lorange Dao

As the Copenhagen Climate Summit drew to an end in November 2009, among a growing sense of disillusionment, many countries, such as Bolivia and Venezuela, refused to sign the final agreement....

Gabriel Barcelo: Simple Mind

16 Nov, 2010 | Andrew Cummings and Sharoll Fernandez

‘The artist’ emanates an exclusive aura. We kneel and revere, expecting him to exude a kind of spirituality, and ‘the artist’ responds by first cultivating the enigma and then finall...

Traffic Jam

16 Nov, 2010 | Sarah Ludd

When arriving in La Paz the general chaos everywhere is one of the first things you notice. The city of La Paz is a pioneer for a traffic safety project. For the tourist new to Bolivia, th...

Tony Suarex: A Life Less Ordinary

16 Nov, 2010 | Lorange Dao

Tony Suarez. A name most people in La Paz know and associate with his eclectic photographic corpus. But did you know that this man had a life as eclectic as his pics? Born in Cochabamba...

Stroke Of Genius: Hector Andres Viscarra Bustillo Navigates Choppy Waters

16 Nov, 2010 | Jack Brooker

As a date with Bolivia’s number one swimmer, Hector Andres Viscarra Bustillo, loomed, I naturally tried everything I could to find out as much as possible about him. Unfortunately ‘Goo...