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26 Sep, 2014 | Valeria Wilde

Chauvinistic acts have recently made headlines across Bolivia. This is true across all sectors of society: from insecurity on the streets running to the very highest of political spheres. From sexist...

Guarani Crossroads

22 Oct, 2014 | Valeria Wilde

Photo : Valeria Wilde Elidet Ruth Mercado is a young woman with a lot to say. She loves to talk and explain her opinion, and from the look on her face and the tone of her voice you understand her...


25 Jun, 2014 | Valeria Wilde

Sitting in the living room of the Bolivian Express house, I am surrounded by Bolivaristas. Worried that this issue will be disproportionately contaminated by white and light blue, I feel a certain...

The BX Pets

28 May, 2015 | Valeria Wilde

ILLUSTRATION: MAURICIO WILDEKandinsky the cat was the first of them all. He lived in the BX penthouse on the 19th floor, warming the hearts of the interns who passed by. His death was unexpected. It s...

The Church of Ayahuasca

28 May, 2015 | Valeria Wilde

ILLUSTRATION: MARCO TOXICOFor Andean and Amazonian indigenous cultures in Bolivia, hallucinogenic plants are synonymous  to medicine, spirituality and even religion. Ever since ancestral times, a...

Maraton de La Paz

28 May, 2015 | Valeria Wilde

PHOTO: VALERIA WILDEChristian Conitzer is a scientist, a cyclist and a dreamer who never lost sight of his goal: keeping the Marathon of La Paz alive.  In 2012 and 2013, the first and second mara...

Constellating the Unconscious

29 Jun, 2015 | Valeria Wilde

You walk into a room and see a group of people in a circle watching a young lady in the middle moving her right foot back and forth, crying desperately. Next to her is an elderly woman dancing with a...


03 Dec, 2014 | Valeria Wilde

A cool hunting experience on the streets of La Paz, a photo essay by Valeria Wilde Valerie Monic... 18 Gabriela Flores, 25 Rodrigo Villanueva, 17 Ramiro Buitrago, 20


26 Aug, 2015 | Valeria Wilde

Photos by: Valeria WildeHans Moeller is a German-Bolivian who studied economics and spent part of his life working in the mining industry. Currently, he spends his free time working on astonishing con...

Thrift-Shopping in La Paz

28 Aug, 2016 | Valeria Wilde

Photo: Valeria WildeThe Consumption Behaviour of MillennialsUS singer-rapper Macklemore gave us a hint in 2012 – the youth of his generation have an incredible affinity for the consumption of used clo...

El Clásico

28 May, 2015 | Valeria Wilde

PHOTO: JUAN MANUEL LOBATONA Warcry, the gold and black, one passion, unyielding fans and one big heart that never goes cold, that never stops beating. This is what makes us different from them all. We...