ARTICLES OF Michael Protheroe

Art and Identity

19 Jul, 2017 | Michael Protheroe

With a series of LGBT+-related events running over the last few weeks in La Paz, I discovered a ‘¿Literatura homosexual en Bolivia?’ panel, and, not knowing much about Bolivian literature, I was intri...

Decolonising Language Education

19 Jul, 2017 | Michael Protheroe

Illustration: Hugo L. CuéllarThe challenges of reform in a diverse BoliviaBolivia, or the Plurinational State of Bolivia, has 37 official languages. Roughly 70% of the population identifies as indigen...

La Paz Aims to Be a Super Host

24 Aug, 2017 | Michael Protheroe

Photo: Iván RodriguezThe changing face of tourism in La PazIn 2014, after a successful Internet campaign, La Paz was included on the New7Wonders Cities list. As a result of this, the municipal agency...