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29 Oct, 2015 | Anna Bellettato

ZEF is a Bolivian fashion house that upcycles donated second-hand clothes. The items that aren’t selected to be redesigned are given to local charities.ZEF aims to produce high-quality, creative and e...

La Paz, City of Lights

07 Dec, 2015 | Anna Bellettato


Designing an Eco-friendly Mindset

30 Oct, 2015 | Anna Bellettato

Putting recycling on the school desk ‘La basura mata’ – litter kills – is one of the most frequent slogans plastered on the walls of La Paz. For a city that is rapidly expanding, management of wast...

Shedding light on photography

07 Dec, 2015 | Anna Bellettato

The faces behind the cameraPhotography is all about light. The meaning of the term itself, ‘drawing with light’, reveals the importance of light in this artform. Light is what makes a photo. Cristina...

Cambas and Collas

05 Oct, 2015 | Anna Bellettato

La Paz and Santa Cruz, the two largest cities in Bolivia, could not be more diverse – both in terms of geography and culture. Paceños are also known as collas. They are those who shaped the traditiona...

Humans of Mercado Rodriguez

05 Oct, 2015 | Anna Bellettato

The Vendors of La Paz’s Grand MarketA Photoessay by Anna BellettatoEvery day at Mercado Rodriguez – the biggest food market in La Paz – human activity runs smoothly and frenetically from dawn to sunse...