Cambas and Collas

05 Oct, 2015 | Anna Bellettato

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La Paz and Santa Cruz, the two largest cities in Bolivia, could not be more diverse – both in terms of geography and culture. Paceños are also known as collas. They are those who shaped the traditional image of Bolivians abroad – people of medium height with dark complexion and prominent facial features. Cruceños are called cambas. Living in diverse climatic conditions and the product of the interaction of Europeans with Guarani culture, cambas are described as taller and leaner than their colla counterparts, with typical mestizo traits.

Take the quiz to guess the differences!

1) If you are walking down street and you hear a sonorous yaaaa, it’s sure you are in

    Santa Cruz

    La Paz

2) Elay puej is ‘there you go’ for



3) To say 'let’s have a drink’ they say chuparemos if they are



4) Peladingo and pelada are friendly ways to address a boy or a girl in

    Santa Cruz

    La Paz

5) They wear flip-flops, but they are not gringos in

    La Paz

    Santa Cruz

6) If you reply ‘ ñeeee’ to someone you are a



7) If you feel cold, you exclaim ‘alalayyy’ when you are from

    Santa Cruz

    La Paz


    1) b

    2) a

    3) b

    4) a

    5) b

    6) a

    7) b


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