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Cervical Cancer in Rural Bolivia

15 May, 2016 | Karina Guzman

Almost Entirely Preventable, the Disease Still Takes Its TollPhoto: William WroblewskiNicolasa, an 84-year-old widow, says that she moved to Pucarani – a community 55 kilometres from La Paz – after ge...


21 Nov, 2016 | Karina Guzman

Illustration: Hugo L. CuellarA Festival of Ritualized ViolenceEven in Bolivia, a country well known for its many folkloric dances, the Tinku stands out. It is a dance that immediately catches your eye...

All Dried Up

29 Dec, 2016 | Karina Guzman

Photo: William WroblewskiThe drought has brought out the ugly and the good in La Paz’s affected areas.Manuel Morales, a resident of the San Antonio neighborhood in eastern La Paz, has been collecting...