La Paz Recicla

29 Oct, 2018 | Honor Scott

Photo: Honor ScottBolivia Grapples With Its TrashAccording to Bolivian newspaper Pagina Siete, there are 5,400 tonnes of waste generated every day in Bolivia; of that only, 4% is recycled. 80% of the...

La Casa del Poeta

29 Oct, 2018 | Honor Scott

Illustration: Hugo L. CuéllarA new space for poetrySix poets lived in La Casa del Poeta between 1943 and 2012 and, as Fernando Lozada, the building’s administrator points out, ‘They all died here’. In...

Amigos de Potosí

29 Oct, 2018 | Honor Scott

Breaking the cycle of the Cerro RicoPotosí might lay claim to being one of the highest cities in the world, but it is still dwarfed by the conical height of Cerro Rico. For it is not just the skyline...