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Tainted Love - Private Investigators in La Paz

15 Feb, 2013 | Frans Robyns

From the outside it seems like a perfectly happy marriage. The husband makes a good living; he can provide for his family everything they could possibly want. They have two happy and healthy children...

Unlove - When Love Has Lost Its LLajwa

15 Feb, 2013 | Frans Robyns

With Valentines Day around the corner, couples frolicking together in carnivalesque frenzy, hearts on sale at every street corner and love charms for sale to make your passionate crush fall in love...

Under Construction - Democratisation in Bolivia

14 Mar, 2013 | Frans Robyns

With it’s latest Constitution, Bolivia has laid the foundations for a new era in its history. While civil society has undergone important transformations, democracy is still being developed. Phot...