ARTICLES OF Camille Reltien

Coca vs Cola

26 Jul, 2010 | Camille Reltien

About 70 km from La Paz, a field of coca plants clings to the steep slopes of Las Yungas. This transitional zone between dry highlands and humid lowlands provides the ideal climate for the most stigma...


22 Oct, 2010 | Camille Reltien

Gabriela (the Bolivian Express’s favourite Swede – not the vegetable, mind you) hates to cook, but on a whim decided to go on a cooking class and invited some of us to come along. Over the next...

Recuperar, recuperar, el litoral y el ancho mar

22 Jul, 2010 | Camille Reltien

“¿Rendirme yo? ¡Que se rinda su abuela, carajo!” According to the story, these were the dying words of Eduardo Avaroa Hidalgo at the battle of Topater on the 23rd of March 1879. On this day, Bolivia l...