RELEASE DATE: 01 Feb, 2011


Welcome to the first BX of 2011. It may be the time of the Alasitas (see p.9) but there’s nothing small about our ‘Bolivia Creativa’ issue. Inside these pages we’re celebrating Bolivian creativity in many forms. We take a look at traditions old and new: from the ‘heritage of coca’ examined in the documentary Inal Mama (p,6), to the long-established music salon of the Flaviadas (p.4) and the handspun fairtrade products of Artesanía Sorata. The perspectives and struggles of the newer generation of creatives are here as well, from the independent dancers in Sonarte (p.13)to the current crop of contemporary visual artists working in La Paz (p.10). If you’ve been wanting to know more about homegrown Bolivian cinema, our feature on p.14 is the perfect place to start. And with the new year (which one of our writers spent on the Isla del Sol - p.8) comes new things: you’ll find our brand new Cultural Calendar on p.16. This event listing will be a regular in BX from now on - just one more reason to keep a copy

handy. Enjoy!



15 Jul, 2011 | Jessica Cruel

A family affair Behind a black door at 2448 Avenida Ecuador lies 'La Casa de las Flaviadas.' But it is much more than a home - it is a shrine to classical music and the life of a man with a pass...

Forget Christmas

15 Jul, 2011 | Juan Manuel Miranda Martinez

Forget Christmas: it's January. Which, in the Bolivian calendar at least, means it's time both for the Alasita Festival ('Alasita' thought to be derived from an Aymara word meaning 'to buy for one­sel...


15 Jul, 2011 | Emma Hall

Browsing the countless pirate DVD shops, stalls and recycled tarpaulin mats in La Paz, it would be easy to assume that such a thing as a Bolivian film industry does not exist, and that the Bolivian po...

Leaves and lines

15 Jul, 2011 | Mads Ryle

Mads Ryle interviews Eduardo Lopez Zavala, director of Inal Mama My first cultural outing after arriving in La Paz in December was to sneak into the premier of Inal Mama at the Cinemateca Boliviano,...