ARTICLES OF Valeria Salinas Maceda

Haute Couture in the Andes

28 Oct, 2015 | Valeria Salinas Maceda

Creating the Chukuta Fashion DistrictFashion lovers flock to Paris and Milan every day, and most are sure not to miss a visit to Montaige Avenue and the Quadrilatero D’oro to see the boutiques on the...


21 Nov, 2016 | Valeria Salinas Maceda

Photos: Dario MonsterBreaking Images With A Fashion ShowThis year, fashion designer Galo Sanchez selected the mystical Lake Titicaca as the location for the fourth installment of the Iconoclasta Fashi...

Las Primas of Bolivia’s New School Tattoo

29 Dec, 2016 | Valeria Salinas Maceda

Photo: Jodido Diego (Juan Diego Alvarado)Let yourself be seduced by this sexy urban styleSince 2010, the tattoo scene in La Paz has experienced a revolution of sorts, as the Bolivian New School style...