Señoras y Señores

10 Jan, 2013 | Niall Flynn

Derived from the Quechua word for owl, pajpaku is the term used in Bolivia to denote the innovative salespeople who operate in bustling city squares, inter-city buses and crowded market places. They r...

Halloween or Jailonween?

18 Nov, 2012 | Niall Flynn

My Facebook newsfeed: awash with Paceña nightclub e-flyers featuring pumpkins, vampire bats and witches on broomsticks. A trip to the local supermarket and a giant skeleton dangles from the entrance a...

The forgotten towers

20 Nov, 2012 | Niall Flynn

The Forgotten Towers The man presents me with a theory - a theory supported by many historians - that the intriguing funerary towers along which we are standing in an open ravine are, in fact, much...