Matame por favor

15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

4 out of 5 stars The FITAZ festival went off with a bang on its first weekend with performances of Mátame, Por Favor on the nights of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March in the Espacio el Desnivel...


15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

A true phenomenon for Bolivian theatre Once every two years, theatre companies from around the world, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France and Spain, join Bolivian theatre groups to present th...

The new Bolivian fighters: Cholitas Luchadoras

15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

JUANITA LA CARIÑOSA CARMEN ROSA LA CAMPEONA YOLANDA LA AMOROSA CLAUDINA LA MALA MARTHA LA ALTEÑA Cholitas luchadoras: the strapping heroines of El Alto's weekly cholita wrestling. Every Sunday to...