ARTICLES OF Hazel Browne

Up Before First Light

30 Nov, 2015 | Hazel Browne

Lake Titicaca’s Millennia-Old Fishing GroundsThe sun has just risen, the sky is covered with a thin layer of clouds and Demetrio Maite Ramos is motioning for me to join him in his small rowing boat fo...

Building the Houses of God

28 Oct, 2015 | Hazel Browne

It seems almost every corner of La Paz is home to a church. An interview with Gastón A. Gallardo, Dean of Architecture at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, opens my eyes to the history and design behin...

Sounds of Paper

28 Oct, 2015 | Hazel Browne

Local luthier making recycled instruments‘I don’t like the felling of trees,’ Adrián Villanueva says, as he shows me a selection of his creations: charangos made from recycled paper. Traditionally fas...