ARTICLES OF Gabriel Deasy

A Longing for the Sea

26 Mar, 2018 | Gabriel Deasy

The motivations, and complications, of Bolivia’s UN bid for access to the PacificAt the time of writing, it is early March. Headlines describing the construction of an originally 70-kilometre – now 20...

Dismantling Bureaucracy in Bolivia

26 Mar, 2018 | Gabriel Deasy

Photo: Iván RodriguezAGETIC: The Electronic GovernmentThe process of dismantling bureaucracy is often no less futile than erasing a sentence with a highlighter. Sometimes, in the name of debureaucrati...

21 Maneras de no Suicidarse

26 Mar, 2018 | Gabriel Deasy

Illustration: Maz Cul A review of a satirical take on suicideAbsurdist, perverse, comical, creative, insightful:  21 Maneras de no Suicidarse, or 21 Ways Not to Commit Suicide, is both an humorou...