ARTICLES OF Seneca Garrison

Aymara New Year

19 Jul, 2011 | Seneca Garrison

June 21st marked the 5,519th annual celebration of Aymara New Year, and an estimated 50,000 participants migrated to the Tiwanaku ruins for a freezing all-nighter of fun and timeless tradition. People...

Ser Cholita

18 Jul, 2011 | Seneca Garrison

What makes a cholita a cholita. There’s no need to go looking for cholitas around La Paz. It would be unusual and even noteworthy not to bump into one while walking around town or glancing down a bu...

Night at the museums

19 Jul, 2011 | Seneca Garrison

Saturday May the 21st marked the fifth annual ‘Noches de Museos’ in La Paz. Every year, the doors of museums and galleries are left open from the evening, through the wee hours of the morning, and unt...