Mauricio López

24 Aug, 2017 | Nick Ferris

Photo: Iván RodriguezThe young face of a new Bolivian cuisine From the most succulent pork terrine and delectably crispy lamb mains, to a starter of alligator escabeche or pudding of milk whey sorbet,...

Seeking the Past in Modern Bolivia

24 Aug, 2017 | Nick Ferris

Photos: Nick FerrisA journey to Sorata, to experience life in colonial timesWalking around central La Paz, amidst the exhaust fumes and market stalls, it’s hard to know what things were like at the ti...

The Nikkei of Bolivia

21 Sep, 2017 | Nick Ferris

Photo: Nick FerrisSeeking utopia halfway across the worldDeep in the breadbasket country of eastern Bolivia, around the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, exists something rather remarkable. In the cent...