The Garden of Eden

22 Jun, 2016 | Jerusa Pozo

Photo: Jerusa PozoJardín de Asia, in Zona Sur’s Calacoto neighbourhood, is the David Carradine of La Paz’s restaurant scene. And I mean the best of David Carradine: hot, with Asian inflections and an...


15 May, 2016 | Jerusa Pozo

Liquid Enlightenment in Valle de las AnimasPhoto: Jerusa PozoI once heard that if you want to move forward, occasionally you have to exorcise your demons, give yourself a spiritual jolt. One ‘huasca’,...

Ali Pacha

15 May, 2016 | Jerusa Pozo

Conscious food in La PazPhotos: Jerusa PozoIn today’s culture of food-centric television, speaking of ‘food design’ or ‘cocina de autor’ is all the rage. The idea of ‘conscious food’, which is part of...