ARTICLES OF Jack Brooker

Moving mountains

14 Jul, 2011 | Jack Brooker

Four Bolivianos can go a long way in La Paz. An avocado, a DVD, or even as, I have been reliably informed, a new white board pen can be bought for the equivalent of around 40 English pence. However, p...

Stroke Of Genius: Hector Andres Viscarra Bustillo Navigates Choppy Waters

16 Nov, 2010 | Jack Brooker

As a date with Bolivia’s number one swimmer, Hector Andres Viscarra Bustillo, loomed, I naturally tried everything I could to find out as much as possible about him. Unfortunately ‘Goo...

A Wondrous Wander through La Paz : An errant gringo’s Artistic Pursuits

22 Oct, 2010 | Jack Brooker

It’s barely my second day in La Paz and my priorities have become ap- parent: mustering enough oxygen to find my way around, and simply surviving the shooting ranges that are paceño zebra-cr...