Women of La Paz

22 Nov, 2018 | Bx Team

Social issues

Miriam Rojas Ontiveras

Photo by Sergio Suárez Málaga

‘We have a lot of rights now, unlike before. I am very happy to be a Bolivian woman.’

Angela Abigail Calvimontes Pérez

from the Alalay Foundation

Photo by Marie de Lantivy

‘These girls have a lot of energy. When I cook with them we’re turning that energy into something positive.’

—Valentina Arteaga

Image title

Patricia Zamora

Photo by Sophie Blow

‘A Bolivian woman today is independent, capable of having a career. She can do the housework, look after her children but also study.’

Image title

Carlas Patzi 

Photo by Ivan Rodriguez Petkovic

‘It is the woman who represents what we do. This is what we show, the entire woman. – with her essence… This is not only about the clothes – the mujer of pollera is not an item – this is about the woman.’

—Ana Palza

Image title

C. Sempertegui

Photo by Sophie Blow

‘Being a woman in Bolivia isa blessing. We have a veryunique culture, which issomething that not everywoman around the world cansay that they have’.


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