Wagamama Review

26 Jul, 2010 | Edwina Popescu


Japanese restaurant Wagamama is tucked away behind notorious “Gringo bar” “Traffic”. Meaning “picky and demanding”, Wagamama has an extensive menu with the potential to satisfy even the most “wagamama” of customers. The food was undeniably good, but unfortunately the whole experience was hopelessly overshadowed by the endless wait for the food to arrive. Diners found their enthusiastic conversation waning as blood-sugar levels hit an all-time low. By the time the food arrived, they were more concerned with filling their stomachs than savouring the taste or admiring the delicate presentation.Only having ordered the bill and chewing on the complementary gummy sweets could diners concede that the food was “really good”. Most satisfied were those who had ordered a “Teishoku” (meaning “set meal”), with assorted pickles and miso soup delicately arranged on miniature chinaware. The food is fresh, and according to the menu the long wait for food is due to eveything being prepared on order - no pre-rolled sushi waiting around in fridges. A trip is worth it, but aim for a time when there are few competing customers, energise on a chocolate bar beforehand, or make sure you have the kind of company entertaining enough to numb your escalating hunger.


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