Voices from the fairground

28 Feb, 2012 | Patrick Dowling

Culture and Festivals

A selection of interviews documenting the Alasita fair as lived by pacenos.

Name: Teresa Ticona de Pizarro
Age: 52
Occupation: Artisan selling toy cars

I have been an artisan at Alasita for 20 years. I keep coming back because I love the idea of buying for the desire of having. Unfortunately, I have to sleep in the stand because I'm scared that someone will break in and steal all my car models. I sell meat during the other times of the year. My favourite drink here is Batido.

Name: Andrea Vera
Age: 11
Occupation: Student, 6th grade

I have been coming to Alasita with my sister for 4 years. I love everything about the festival, especially the miniatures. I can't wait to buy bags and bags of money, and a suitcase for travel because it definitely works.

Name: Teodora Sillo
Age: 60
Occupation: Housewife

I love everything about Alasita. I've been coming for 10 years now and I don't plan on stopping. I'm going to buy a house and a car this year.

Name: Christian Quispe
Age: 18
Occupation: Student, 12th grade

This is my second year working at Alasita, but I have been taking part in the festival since I was a kid. I work the futbolín station because it was always my favourite game at Alasita. I may buy some miniatures this year, but I always spend money on the games so I get a lot of surprise prizes. I like the surprise prize carts because I got these wristbands from them.

Name: Fabricio Barrientos
Age: 20
Occupation: University Student - studying Engineering

I have been coming to Alasita ever since I can remember, but this year I am going to buy my university degree in Engineering and a license to practice. I really enjoy the miniatures and decided to make this model ship.

Name: Iba Delgado Arana
Age: 57
Occupation: Cook

Bx 15 29

My earilest memories of Alasita are from when I was 15 years old when I would come with my friends. Now I get to experience it every year because I come to cook. My specialty is Fritanga, and the mayor even awarded me a prize for this dish. I also love to make Plato Paceño, a festival trademark. I am going to buy some more kitchen items and some miniature food stuff because I love to cook.


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