Uyuni - More than salt flats

26 Jan, 2024 | Zofia Todd


Uyuni is known around the world for its famous salt flats. But while the Salar de Uyuni is certainly not to be missed, a three-day tour around the region proves there is more waiting to be discovered on the shores of the salt desert. 

Nearby lagoons of different colours are home to an abundance of flamingos, hot springs, the Salvador Dali dessert, abd the Arbol de Piedra (stone tree), among other attractions. The numerous stops reveal not only incredible scenery, but also some interesting features of Bolivian history. The Train Cemetery outside of Uyuni is a collection of rusty, retired trains covered in graffiti, and scrap metal sculptures welded by local artists. The trains make a great backdrop for photographs and are fun to climb.


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