Touring the Uyuni Salt Flats

31 Mar, 2020 | Bx Team in collaboration with Late Bolivia

Tourism and Art

Photos : Changtse Quintanilla

Late Bolivia - The tour agency around Bolivia took us into a hole new different experience

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Fumarole in Sol de Mañana. Sol de Mañana is a geothermal area in Sur Lípez Province located at 5,000 metres in altitude.

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Vizcacha. The vizcacha is a rodent native to South America which, despite looking a lot like a rabbit, is not that closely related to it. It is usually found near rock formations.

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Desert in the Sur Lípez Province and mountain range on the border Bolivia/Chile.

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Starry night.

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Mirror effect. The mirror effect only takes place during the rainy season (between December and April) when some parts of the salt flats get covered in water.


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