Tinder in Bolivia

25 Jun, 2017 | Yolande Rowson and Alex Walker

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A swipe to the right, a super-like, a winking emoji: these are the sonnets and perfumed love letters of a techno-literate generation. There is no environment with a higher pressure to perform, where snap decisions can trigger a romance of dubious origins but eternal swooning.

After hours of furious swiping, our thumbs were afflicted with suspected repetitive strain injuries and our souls were irreparably damaged. As we plunged into the deep end of La Paz’s Tinder pool, we were introduced to a dizzying spectrum of characters, from the overly self-deprecating to the nauseatingly self-confident. Here is a snapshot of the pinnacle of said spectrum, a pseudo-guide so that you might find love and/or lodging in the Bolivian dating capital.

The Life Coach

Name/Age: Esperanza, 30

‘Dream it, Wish it, Do it’ 

365 new days

365 new opportunities

Anthem: ‘I Want To Break Free’, Queen

The Lost Gringa

Name/Age: Hannah, 19

Image title


Travelling in South America

Looking for a tour guide, maybe something more ;)

Anthem: ‘Wake Me Up’, Avicii

The Emoji Overloader

Name/Age: Luz, 20

Image title




Anthem: ‘Despacito’, Luis Fonsi

The CV Candidate

Name/Age: Regina, 24

Image title


Intern at Deloitte

English, Français, Español, Italiano

Sports, art, music, gym

Grammar nerd

Anthem: ‘White Noise’

The Passive Aggressor

Name/Age: Odita, 27


Whatever you wrote in your description, I disagree.

I’m better than you, and you know it.

If we meet and you don’t look like you look in your pictures, you are buying the drinks until you do.

Anthem: ‘Run The World (Girls)’, Beyoncé

The Sympathy Vote

Name/Age: Erik, 28

Image title

Bio: I’m looking for someone real so we can support each other. I’m not very good at sex – only had two intimate relationships in my life. Need a nice girl to show me the ropes. I promise I’ll make you smile <3

Anthem: ‘La Llorona’, Chavela Vargas

The Businessman

Name/Age: Davíd, 26

Image title

Bio: Harvard Business School

Currently running my own startup.

Looking for a classy girl to take to business dinners

Anthem: ‘Power’, Kanye West

The Gym Bro

Name/Age: Carlos, 23

Image title

Bio: Hey girl ;) I’m into lifting heavy ass weights and eating as much protein as I can get my hands on. Love going out with the lads but not too late – gotta be pumping iron by 6am. This masterpiece takes a lot of maintenance. 6’2

Anthem: ‘Sweat’, Snoop Dogg

The Explorer

Name/Age: Ed, 22

Image title

Bio: Adventurer and eco-enthusiast. I hate routine.

‘Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.’

Anthem: Link to videos of his ukelele band

The Wide Boy

Name/Age: Diego, 25

Image title

Baby why haven’t you swiped right yet?

Anthem: Anything featuring Pitbull


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