Sucre - Colonial streets, cooking classes, dinosaurs!

26 Jan, 2024 | Zofia Todd


Sucre is the true capital of Bolivia, with La Paz serving as the seat of government activity. And these two cities couldn’t be more different. The architecture of Sucre’s white colonial streets gives the city a quaint feel. The birthplace of Bolivian independence, the bell of the city’s San Francisco Basilica was rung to signify the start of the movement against the Spanish in 1809. Its storied and preserved past earned Sucre the designation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

But history in Sucre does not begin in the colonial period. At the nearby Parque Cretácico, dinosaur footprints have marked the ground for nearly 70 million years. Tectonic shifts in the area mean that the footprints now trail over a near-vertical wall, and are now part of the longest trail of dinosaur footprints in the world.

For those looking for cultural connections, Sucre is a great town to take some Spanish classes, and you can enquire in most hotels or hostels for these. Cooking classes offered by La Boca del Sapo and others are a great opportunity to learn about the significance of local ingredients from passionate chefs, who guide you as you give traditional cooking methods a go.


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