Rurrenabaque and the Amazon Region - Stepping into a wildlife documentary

26 Jan, 2024 | Zofia Todd


The town of Rurrenabaque acts as Bolivia’s gateway to the Amazon rainforest and pampas. This is the place to discover Bolivia’s diverse wildlife. There are ample indigenous-run tour operators to choose from to visit both areas, and Rurrenabaque is typically their starting point.

Bolivia is one of the more affordable countries to visit the largest and most biodiverse area of rainforest in the world. A jungle tour through Madidi National Park gives you the opportunity to see trees of incredible height and other wildlife. I was lucky enough to visit during nesting season when macaws stand guard over their precious nests. The jungle is also home to sloths, many species of frogs, and even jaguars. 

The pampas tour takes you to the Yucuma River. Here in the savannah-like setting, you will almost certainly see capybaras grazing and swimming, caimans peeking out from underwater, and various species of monkeys hanging in the trees. 

Rurrenabaque offers some of the richest wildlife around, but brace yourself for the intense heat and humidity. And don’t forget the bug spray!


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