Roberto and La Costilla

28 May, 2015 | Emily Cashen

Going Out and Urban living


La Costilla: a 5am refuge, a kaleidoscopic trip down the rabbit-hole, a time vortex where night magically morphs into day. Like Sopocachi's own Room of Requirement, this bar of wonders and delights appears only to those who have need of it. The nondescript exterior blends in seamlessly with the surrounding residential neighbourhood, but those who know where to look can tell from the presence of a singular light in the window if the bar is open for business. While the exclusivity of La Costilla is certainly a part of the bar's charm, perhaps its greatest selling point is its endlessly entertaining owner, Roberto. As many Bolivian Express interns can confirm, it's easy to be seduced into listening to Roberto's stories of his past lives and adventures across the globe until the early hours of the morning. His eccentric personality is well reflected in the bar's decor: over 5000 bizarre trinkets adorn every available wall space. So don't be alarmed if the next time you pop by you wind up face to face with a stuffed snake, china doll, cat, or one of Roberto's seven dogs.


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