Michael Jackson is alive

28 May, 2015 | Rodrigo Barrenechea



One of the most striking characteristics of La Paz, emerging from the depths of informal labour, is the artistic display of informal shows that take place in the centre of town, around the San Francisco church. This area of the city is crucial and strategic for the daily commute of thousands of people and tourists who swarm this part of town.

Due to the affluence of commuters,many paceño characters gather here to perform and entertain the passing public every night during rush hour (between 6pm and 10pm). Among these characters is the 16-year-old Gonzalo Mamani, who brings the legendary Michael Jackson back to life, with his faultless impersonation of the deceased singer. Gonzalo never falters to dazzle the crowd with each of his dance moves, both on an artistic level and on a personal one, given that he is just a young boy trying to make a living.


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