Living the death road. Part 3

07 Oct, 2011 | Ivan Rodriguez P.

Going Out

At the end of the Death Road awaits….La Senda Verde

After your white-knuckled ride down The World’s Most Dangerous Road you are welcomed into a slice of heaven, a place otherwise known as La Senda Verde. Entering the property through the lush overgrown canopy and crossing the clear waters of their large river, you already get a sense that you are in for a real treat. Once inside the magic really starts to happen. La Senda Verde is home to more than 250 rescued wild animals.

A diverse family of furry friends including Spider Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys and Squirrel Monkeys to Macaws, Toucans and the Andean Bear, just to name a few. Each of these animals has arrived with its own story and in need of a little help to be rehabilitated. The team at La Senda Verde provide the best care possible in a natural and nurturing environment, and there are always many hands at help with the onsite volunteer program.

Eco-friendly cabañas and huts are available to complete your experience to commune with nature. Staying a night in the tree house is always a favorite to gain a bird’s eye view of the property and enjoy the playful monkey visits. La Senda Verde is dedicated to developing sustainable eco-tourism, educating and inspiring others to have a new appreciation for the wilderness and wild animals.


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