25 Jul, 2015 | 7200.LineaRecta

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The Feria 16 de Julio, held in El Alto every Thursday and Sunday, is one of the largest markets in Latin America, if not the world. Less than a single destination, it is more a cluster of neighborhoods transformed into a cacophonous jumble of stalls and stores, selling anything shoppers desire.

Some vendors sell new merchandise, from bathroom supplies and home goods to hand-crafted beds and dressers. But much of the market is a flea market that dreams are made of, a heaven for anyone who can’t get enough of charity shops and rummage sales. Shoppers can easily spend the day walking for kilometres, searching through mountains of used clothing, household goods and electronics.

Knowing that this was the place to discover technological gems from bygone days, BX sent the team from 7200.LineaRecta to hit the streets, dig through the piles and unearth what was buried.

These are some of their favorite finds. – ed.

PHOTO:  7200.LineaRecta


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