24 Feb, 2015 | Laura Wotton

Social issues

Yesica is eight years old, wears a bright pink top and a contagious smile. Sitting together in the early morning sunlight we talk boyfriends, animals and what she wants to be when she grows up.

What’s your favourite food?

I love rice pudding, but that's only for breakfast. For dinner my favourite thing is Plato paceño. I’m also a big fan of fruit and vegetables, carrots, onions, papaya, mango, strawberries, you name it. I don't like api con pastel, though.

Talk me through your average school day

Well, school hasn’t started yet so I’m allowed to get up later and relax. During term time, I have to get up really early. I put on my uniform, which is a waistcoat and my heeled trainers and then make my bed as usual. When we are all ready, we head to school. I have around five classes before break and five afterwards, ten in total!

What's your favourite subject at school?

I love maths but if I had to choose another, it would have to be languages.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a dentist when I'm older because I'd like to look after people's teeth.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

To have a doll of my own.

Do you have brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have a little sister who I get on with quite well.

Where is your favourite place in La Paz?

Parque Kusillo is my favourite because it's really pretty and there are lots of games and activities there. I also really like the green Teleferico line because it's really very long! I like La Paz but I wish I'd been born in the United States. I haven't actually been there, but I think it would be really nice.

What do you like doing with your friends?

I don't have any friends, only classmates who I learn with. I do have three boyfriends (she says, counting methodically on her fingers), but, (she whispers) I'm going to keep this a big secret.

If you could be one animal, which one would you be and why?

A monkey, I think, because they are really nice.

Who is the funniest person you know?

Virginia, a friend of my mothers.


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