How to keep a rock spirit during Quarantine?

30 May, 2020 | Courtesy of Latin America RCD Hotels

Urban living and Social issues

Image: Courtesy of Latin America RCD Hotels

Covid-19 pushes us to take care of ourselves and of our loved ones. Avoiding social contact and, if possible, not leaving home, is a priority. The goal is to flatten the curve and avoid the spread of the virus in order to protect the most vulnerable populations. Consequently many of us have had to miss concerts that we were looking forward to and that have been postponed indefinitely.

So how can we maintain a rock spirit during quarantine? We spoke with Leonel Reyes, Commercial Director for Latin America RCD Hotels, the chain responsible – among others – for the Hard Rock Hotel destinations in the Caribbean, who said: ‘Understanding that we are in a world crisis and that the most important thing is to take care of ourselves and taking care of those around us, we can not dive into stress. Mental health is very important and, if you are a rocker at heart, you should keep it as part of your routine.’

Which is why, Leonel Reyes suggested: ‘Watch concerts of your favorite bands online.’ A good alternative is YouTube, but there are hundreds of pages that publish them daily, including the groups’ official websites. ‘Participate in broadcasts streaming of the artists you like.’ The health context has made hundreds of artists seek to keep in touch with their followers, via Instagram, Facebook or other platforms, performing live concerts from their homes.

‘Search for upcoming bands or new artists to add to your playlist.’ Take advantage of the free time you have to research and immerse yourself in new proposals of the genre. You'll be surprised.

‘Sing whenever you can and want to.’ Doing so releases tension and relaxes. Whether you are alone or alone, sing, dance and enjoy, your body and mind need it.

‘Invite your friends to enjoy some music through a video call.’ The most important thing is to stay at home, but you can organise online meetings and have nice conversations, accompanied by good rock music, through the video call platforms that are available. Try it, you will not regret it.


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