Glossary BX100

11 Dec, 2019 | BX Team


Photo: George Fearnley 
Location: La Paz's General Cemetery 
Achachilas Ancestral spirits and protective parent from the mountains
Airampo A cactus seed that also gives an intense red color
Ajayu Energy – what we sometimes call ‘soul’ – that drives us
Ajicería Place where spicy food is prepared and sold
Ajís Chili peppers
Altiplano High Andean plateau
Amauta Andean wise man
Azulejo Painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework
Cha'lla A blessing ceremony to Pachamama
Cha’makanis Dark priest
Chicha Macerated drink made of corn that is consumed in different places of the valleys and the highlands of Bolivia
China supay Female devils from a traditional Andean dance
Choripan Chorizo sandwich
Collpa Handmade shampoo
Copoazú Tropical rainforest fruit related to cacao
Cosmovisión andina Andean worldview
Cruceño From Santa Cruz
Curandero A traditional native healer
Diablada Typical dance from the region of Oruro in Bolivia characterised by the mask and devil suit worn by the performers
El libertador The Liberator, refers to Simon Bolivar
El Tío 'Uncle'
El Tío de la mina 'The Uncle', is believed in Cerro Rico, Potosí, Bolivia as the 'Lord of the Underworld'. El Tío rules over the mines, simultaneously offering protection and destruction
Feria 16 de Julio Large market held every week on Thursday and Sunday in the La Ceja neighbourhood of El Alto
ispayas Refers to the children of a community in Andean culture
jiwasa 'We/us' in Aymara
Keru A ceremonial Inca vase
Kharisiri Mythical creature who is believed to attack travelers in order to steal their fat
Kharsuta Victim of the kharisiri
La prueba de fuego 'Trial by fire'
Machismo An attitude, quality, or way of behaving that agrees with traditional ideas about men being very strong and aggressive
Masa madre Sourdough starter
Miel de caña A type of syrup that comes from sugarcane
Paceño/a From La Paz
Pachamama Mother Earth
Potosino/a From Potosí
Sajrañas Plant-based brush
Tantawawa Sweet bread shaped and decorated in the form of a person/animal who passed. Traditionally made on the Day of the Dead in Bolivia
Todos santos Day of the Dead
Ukamau 'It’s like this’ in Aymara
Ukhu pacha The inner world
Valle de la luna Moon valley, located south of La Paz
Viracocha God and the creator in pre-Inca and Inca mythology
Wayruro The red and black seed of a plant (Ormosia coccinea) that grows in Latin America and is said to bring good fortune and love

Aymara medical practitioners and community healers


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