28 May, 2015 | Emily Cashen

Art, Going Out and Culture


Strolling down Avenida Ecuador early on a Saturday evening, you may very well be greeted by the sound of a Bach melody floating on the breeze. Following this symphony will lead you through a black metal gate, across a paved garden and into the home of Don Eduardo Machicado Saravia. Stepping across the salon's polished wooden floors and settling down on a plush sofa, you join the enthralled attendees of this intimate listening session. A stained glass window casts a muted glow over the proceedings, while the soft cracking of the fire complements each soaring melody. This Saturday night ritual has a name: las Flaviadas.

The name is derived from the event's founder, Don Flavio Machicado Viscarra, who first had the idea of inviting fellow classical music lovers into his home to share his extensive record collection. Over the years, the Flaviadas has not only attracted a loyal crowd of listeners but a host of international performers and composers, all while maintaining its intimate charm. Now, some seventy years after the dawn of this tradition, music lovers devotedly flock to this cosy haven and let Don Eduardo and his distinguished colleagues (Beethoven and Brahms) transport them to a harmonious realm.


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