Feelings for the Night

22 Dec, 2017 | Charles Bladon

Going Out

Photo: Esteban Terrazas Saravia

La Paz. The sun dissipates and, with it, my urban trepidation. The night encroaches, accompanied by wonder and titillation. The night promises so much, the impossible seemingly possible only for one night.

Inside the clubs lights flash, momentary blindness followed by momentary exposure to the dance floor in its totality. Distinct booms, bass resonating to your very core inspiring movement and dance. Pure euphoria, worries truly forgotten, only paying mind to the now. 

Amongst the worries and fears that grip the gentle people of La Paz also lie excitement and animation, dance resurrecting the youthful spirits drowned out by everyday life. Dancing is not escapism, dancing is rejuvenation. The night brings this so desperately yearned-for feeling. In La Paz, the night is not your enemy but your friend.

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