Crouch Down and Eat: Street Food in La Paz

28 May, 2015 | Adriana Murillo



It can be said that a large percentage of Bolivians have eaten agachaditos. The word ‘agachadito’ means ‘crouch’, but in reality, it is more than its literal meaning. It means to crouch in the street, eating good, cheap food amongst the fresh air.  Señora Hilda has been selling agachaditos since she was a girl: ‘It was my  mother’s business, and I learned it in order to sell and to cook for her. It is not easy to get this business, you know—you need to get permission from the mayor.’  The peak time for sales is from 11 am until 2 pm. ‘All the people like what we serve because it is available during the day and the dishes are rich Bolivian dishes: ajicitos, soups, something warm when it is cold, and something quick when you are hungry’, says Señora Hilda.


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