15 Jun, 2013 | Sophia Howe

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Photo: Sophia Howe

For the past year Oscar Herrera has been running an original stand, called ZAFAR, along with his partner Miguel Sanchez Gomez. They sell the most eccentric designs and colourful patterns that stand out from the overabundance of Alpaca jumpers and aztec rucksacks.

Squeezed next to a lady selling silver on Calle Sagarnaga; Oscar sells his own vests, denim jackets, shorts, and makeshift purses to people from all around the world, many of whom come spilling out of Cafe Luna. He calls it ‘new creativity’. Oscar’s designs are a combination of Bolivian prints and photos with modern art and retro patterns. ‘We work with good quality and diversity.’ Items here are one of a kind, which upset a friend who couldn’t quite fit into her favourite pair of shorts.

Creaciones Sofia
Photo: Sophia Howe

Recycling is very important to Oscar, which is evident when he takes you to his other small shop in Galería Gladys on the same street. ‘The gallery is for people to feel comfortable to try things on, and it’s a little warmer.’ Cassettes, floppy disks and old records have been transformed into distinctive purses and bags, costing only 35 Bs.

The ever-so-soft vests are completely handmade. Oscar buys the cotton himself and cuts out the designs; ‘that is why there are so many different shapes’. The shorts are created from a collection of old jeans donated by friends and family, and even his own cast-offs. Designer brands such as; Calvin Klein, Levis, Guess and American Eagle all get recycled. The cut of the shorts are very modern and fashionable, ranging from hotpants to the more high-waisted style.


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