Café Beirut Review

27 Aug, 2010 | Tanja Roembke


The Middle Eastern restaurant Café Beirut has a nice Arabic flair, with one wall completely covered with pipes of varying sizes; it also boasts a lot of sitting space and a separate lounge area to smoke, whether it’s cigarettes or shisha you want. The food, both Lebanese and more international, is of a good standard, with falafel, hummus, and even hamburgers, all very tasty and of a mid-range price. One of Café Beirut’s most unique features is that the service is not only friendly but, in contrast with most other Bolivian restaurants I’ve been to, quite fast: with one press of a button, a waiter or waitress will magically appear at your table. All in all, a good restaurant for a nice, relaxing evening!

Location: Av. Montengro, (591-2) 2774496


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