Cafe Arábica Review

27 Aug, 2010 | Emma Hall


Along the extensive 20 de Octubre strip of eateries comes Cafe Arábica (as long as you can manage to resist the temptation of Chocolate Caliente one door down). Entering the cafe, you could be anywhere in the world, though Arabia wouldn’t be my first guess: spotless coffee table tops reflect the MTV shows playing on the flatscreens, and the calm atmosphere goes against the rowdy Bolivian norm. The food selection is very agreeable, with plenty of pitas and wraps – despite being a resolute carnivore, I found myself picking a vegetarian option with ease – and the drinks selection defies the number of ‘mocha’, ‘cappu’, ‘frappe’ and ‘cino’ combinations you thought possible. By Bolivian standards the service is average to rather quick, though if you’re doing Arábica for speed, you’re doing it wrong: here is the place to escape the hustle and bustle of Bolivia and embrace the chilled-out, cosmopolitan side of La Paz.

Location: Av. 20 de Octobre n. 2355, (591-2) 211-3293


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