Bolivia’s Powerful Cholitas

29 Apr, 2020 | Catalina Ugalde

Social issues, Culture and Culture

Cholitas are indigenous Quechua-Aymara women who are identifiable because of the traditional Bolivian pollera skirts they wear. These women are the face of resilience. In many cases, unsupported, uncared for, yet undeterred. They are always stepping up in order to not only support themselves, but also their local communities. They are known to be hardworking, strong, and enterprising women by nature. Because so many of these women rely on informal trade as their livelihoods, they have had to adapt their jobs according to demand during this health crisis. Angela, who has set up her commerce a few blocks from my house, now sells eucalyptus leaves – a medicinal tree used to fight respiratory infections. She is not alone. Many salespeople have been forced to become flexible in what they sell. Commerce is vital for our subsistence and for our daily needs. Cholitas sell their goods in neighbourhood stores, markets, on street corners, in the countryside, as farmers, and in many other key sectors of society.

Photos: Catalina Ugalde

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04 May, 2020 | 15:49
Me encantó!!! Muy muy interesante y las fotos son increíbles!

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