The Catastrophe of Lago Poopó

25 Feb, 2016 | Kit Fretz

When Bolivia's second largest lake dries up, what is left behind?                      &nb...

Fuzzy Logic

28 Mar, 2016 | Kit Fretz

Photo: Kit FretzAfter 17 hours of hairpin bends, we arrive in the northern Bolivian town of Rurrenabaque, situated on the banks of the Rio Beni, which separates the La Paz and the Beni departments. I’...

Surreal Uyuni

28 Mar, 2016 | Kit Fretz

Photos: Kit FretzThe Salar de Uyuni is considered one of the most surreal places on earth. And day in and day out, visitors capture photos of its reflections and use its space to create comical distor...