ARTICLES OF Julie Gaynes

ZERA: Lessons of Light

19 Jul, 2017 | Julie Gaynes

Photo: Alvaro ManzanoZERA: Lessons of LightThe state of public education in Bolivia is slowly improving despite slippery oversight and limited funding. Even massive reform from money-lending instituti...

A World Without Evil

19 Jul, 2017 | Julie Gaynes

Jesus welcomes readers with open arms on the covers of books teaching Valores in Bolivia. But in practice he is just a familiar face, breathing a message of unity without diminishing other truths. Wit...

Programa Inteligencia Emocional (PIE)

19 Jul, 2017 | Julie Gaynes

The Emotional Approach At the forefront of new education developments are both private and public organisations strategising for equality in schools and empowering children through interdisciplinary c...